MSC Fatigue
Fatigue Simulation

MSC Fatigue is a FE-based durability and damage tolerance solver that enables users with minimal knowledge of fatigue to perform comprehensive durability analysis.

Some estimates put annual costs in the United States due to premature fatigue fractures in structural components at as much as 4% of the gross domestic product. Yet testing against repeated loading cycles, sometimes millions of times over, is often too expensive and time consuming to be practical. Finite element analysis programs can tell you where stress “hot spots” exist, but on their own can’t tell you whether those hot spots are critical areas for fatigue failure, or when fatigue might become a problem. To avoid contributing further to this statistic, many manufacturers simply accept long prototype-development cycles, overweight components, unpredictable warranty claims, and loss of customer confidence.

MSC Fatigue enables durability engineers to quickly and accurately predict how long products will last under any combination of time-dependent or frequency-dependent loading conditions. Benefits include reduced prototype testing, fewer product recalls, lower warranty costs, and increased confidence that your product designs will pass required test schedules

MSC Fatigue product capabilities include:

  • MSCNastran
  • Adams
  • MSCNastran
  • Adams
  • Marc
  • Ansys
  • Advanced Analysis Modules
  • Multiaxial Fatigue
  • Vibration Fatigue
  • Welding (Spot & Seam)
  • Software Strain Gage
  • Wheels
  • Unique Optimization Capability
  • Load Scale Factor
  • Materials
  • Surface Finish/Treatments
  • Certainty of Survival
  • Test/Analysis Correlation
  • Duty Cycle (Multiple Analysis)