MSC SimXpert
Multidiscipline Simulation

SimXpert is a next generation CAE application that empowers engineers to perform an expansive range of multidisciplinary simulations by delivering new tools that accelerate learning curves and shorten model preparation and setup times all within a fully integrated user environment.

Doing more with less” is a common theme in most companies today, but designers, engineers and CAE analysts spend most of their time and effort on manual, labor intensive tasks. Translating and fixing CAD data, meshing, reworking models, creating the same plots and charts over and over – all of these mean that engineers are spending more time developing expertise in using tools rather than on evaluating and understanding their products. SimXpert changes that by providing native access to CAD data and easy to use tools to automate their simulation jobs and get results fast.

SimXpert has allowed us to transform saw design into a simulation-driven science from the previous "black art" that it once was. MSC's software has enabled us to create and produce more innovative products including the revolutionary Starrett Vesatix MP bandsaw blade.

-Andrew Lee, Technical Manager
L.S. Starrett Jedburgh UK Saw Devision

SimXpert’s unified user environment also enables teams to share data, models, results and best practices across time zones, geographic boundaries, and CAE disciplines, so that they can approach problems more consistently and get reliable results faster. Complete teams of engineers can now work in a modern and easy to use interface to run multi-body dynamics, structural analysis, thermal simulations, crash tests, drop testing, and more.

Key capabilities include::

Single Environment unifies linear & nonlinear FEA with multibody dynamics

Environment unifies linear & nonlinear FEA with multibody dynamics

SimXpert enables CAE analysts to create virtual prototypes, conduct virtual tests, evaluate results and create reports for linear FEA (structural and thermal), nonlinear FEA (implicit and explicit), and motion using a single application and a single model. Toggling between workspaces prepares models for MD Nastran, LS-DYNA, Adams, and other solver technologies without translation, conversion, or input deck editing.

Structures Workspace Structures:
  • Comprehensive linear and nonlinear finite element analysis
  • Advanced FEA testing for stress, thermal, vibration, and contact
Workspace Motion:
  • Complete mechanical system simulation using multibody dynamics of rigid and flexible inclbodies, uding tests of different components, connections, and forces
  • Enables analysis of overall system performance and creation of accurate load predictions
Thermal Workspace Thermal:
  • Complete thermal finite element analysis including: steady-state heat transfer, free/forced conduction, and thermo-mechanical coupling
  • ests different heat transfer paths
Cash Workspace Crash / Explicit:
  • High-performance environment for studying complex FE models for crashworthiness and safety applications
  • Capabilities include dummy positioning, seat belt routing, airbag deployment, and explicit impact analysis
  • Advanced environment for performing large deformation, highly nonlinear, short duration transient dynamic analyses for both structural impact and coupled fluid-structure problems such as bird strike on airplanes and stent deployment in arteries
Template builder for automation of CAE best practices
SimXpert Template Builder

Template builder for automation of CAE best practices

CAE automation with template

SimXpert Template Builder provides a visual interface for quickly automating manual and repetitive simulation tasks for reuse and consistency across the engineering community. Intuitive, easy-to-use templates capture knowledge and best practices, and can be used to automate any step or series of steps within the SimXpert advanced workspaces and across multidisciplinary simulations.

Native CAD access obsoletes geometry translation
Native CAD integration with V5, Pro-E, UGS

Native CAD access obsoletes geometry translation

Bi-directional CAD update

Eliminates data translation by enabling analysts to import and work directly with native CAD geometry. Smart Update automatically updates the analysis model when changes are made to the parametric representation of the CAD model within a SimXpert session and across any of the workspaces

Multidiscipline analysis for real-world CAE accuracy
Motion structure integration: stresses in a lower control arm

Multidiscipline analysis for real-world CAE accuracy

Engine block structural thermal analysis

Engineers can now perform interoperable, multidisciplinary analyses on virtual prototypes of everything from components to complex engineering systems. This enables simulation of product behavior under real-world loading and environmental conditions, including the complex interactions between engineering disciplines, without the inefficiencies of deploying multiple point technologies or relying on costly physical prototypes.