ADeX System: ISO9001/TS16949

ADeX System is an off-the-shelf web-based system enabling manufacturing companies to perform better product innovation and cost savings through process and workflow automation, data reusability and knowledge retention.

Built on Microsoft platforms, the ADeX System allows for easier and faster deployment, lower cost of maintenance and training as many companies are already familiar with Microsoft productivity tools.


Help users to complete FMEA by using available FMEA database and automatically link FMEA to other related documents.


Database of all equipment testing details and calibration records. Average and Range Method to generate the classical gage R&R report.



Automatically calculates the Process Capability and Process Performance index as well as display the X-bar chart and the R-chart for easy monitoring of the stability of data



Enable user to gather documents needed for an APQP submission when needed by the customers, track progress of documents, store and review information such as project information, supplier information, and machine information by a click of button.



Knowledge Management

To act as a guide for a new companies to get TS16949 certification

Efficient Document Management

To allow users to easily manage documents and records related to TS16949

Maximizes Efficiency

To help companies with existing TS16949 certification to implement TS16949 more effectively

Enforcement of Best Practices

Ensuring quality and standard of industry compliance are automatically complied


* Web based system

* Project tracking and status monitoring

* Customizable work flow management

* Fully integrated with microsoft tools

* Document management

* Automated alert and notification

* Easy to use email integration

* Enterprise search function

* TS16949 core tools