At VI-grade, we develop software products and we provide engineering services that allow our automotive customers to perform a broad range of applications that go from vehicle dynamics to motion-based driving simulation through multi-objective optimization for robust design, software-in-the-loop for control system design and hardware-in-the-loop for system verification.

Our automotive products are based on state-of-the-art multibody simulation product Adams from MSC Software and on our own real-time technology for fast and reliable simulations to help engineers to meet today's challenges of the automotive and motorsport industry and to reduce time-to-market.

VI-grade solutions allow to perform the following applications:

• Vehicle Dynamics
• Traffic Simulation
• Powertrain and driveline
• Road design
• Limit behaviour
• Multi-objective optimization
• Ride
• Software-in-the-loop
• Durability
• Hardware-in-the-loop
• Fuel consumption
• Driving Simulation
• Design of experiments