Easy to use Web-based CMMS Solution

ADeX Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) helps companies in planning and monitoring their maintenance activities easily

A centralised repository stores information on equipments or facilities maintenance schedules, accessible from anywhere. Work order and instruction are issued automatically and work status is tracked

Vital information is displayed on dashboard tools for better maintenance control


Asset and Equipment List

Maintenance crew can find the asset quickly and operational status. Group assets close to each other and service simultaneously to save time and resources

PM Scheduling

PM Schedule on planned tasks based on trigger (time, meter). Regular maintenance tracked by system reduces unnecessary breakdown due to negligence

Work order (Planned and Unplanned) generation

Auto-generation of WO irrespective of asset quantity and locations, according to PM Schedule. Electronic Forms autofill key information of asset and current maintenance instructions. Real-time tracking on WO issuance and ensures balanced resources and maintenance costs

Works notification

System will automatically notify user on pending task through notification and unresolved issues are displayed in dashboard. Management and Team Leader will have detail understanding of all actions required

Works tracking

Calendar overview

Report generation

WO are automatically displayed on Calendar and dashboard showing WO status and priorities. Visibility on assets undergoing going repairs, completed or upcoming task and cost of repairs. Real time statistic and information for KPI tracking

Historical database

Maintenance records are encrypted and archived with regular back up on mirror sites

Full audit trail

All documentations and procedures are available in database for audit purpose with time stamp of task carried out. Maintenance processes and procedures are followed through using workflow adhering to regularly standard


How It Works

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