Web-based Electronic Quality Management System that automates ISO processes. Different Standards can be integrated together and achieve team collaboration under a single platform.


Document Management and Versioning Control

All records are digitally stored in one place with version history. Only the approved versions are available for users

Customer Complaints and Corrective Actions

Standardised customer complaint form with built-in workflow to initiate correction action once verified. Correction action process is streamlined to task assignment for appropriate persons, monitoring and approvals

Non-Conformance and Audit Management

Audit date and auditees are notified on audit date by approved auditors. NCR is issued online to process owners with given deadline to rectify

Education and Training

Approved training courses are available for employees, training records and history are properly documented to meet compliance requirements

Supplier Management

Visibility on supply chain performance and compliance with requirements

Risk Analysis

Standardise risk and opportunity identification and ratings. Risk mitigation is implemented, tracked and monitored for effectiveness on a continual basis


Automate processes (including multi-level approvals) with alerts and notifications, reducing manual work and delays

Dashboard, KPI and Reporting

Insight on performance against KPIs and take appropriate corrective action

Electronic Forms with Control

Electronic forms with allowable fields where changes or data can be entered by users, with controls such as audit trail (who, when, how), backups and security


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