Web-based Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

01 - Leave Application

>  Customisable leave types

>  Request, track and approve leave application

>  Multiple levels of approval

>  Supporting document attachment

>  Leave balance management

>  Dashbord on leave usage (annual leave vs emergency leave)

02 - HR Policies

>  Maintain latest version of HR policies, forms and handbooks

>  Access rights preventing unauthorised edit

>  Automatic versioning avoiding file duplication

>  Version history, keeping a record of who/what/when during document change

>  Set reminders to keep policies compliant

03 - Recruitment

>  Application database for CV and personal information

>  Task Tracking for recruiter/HR Manager

>  Process Monitoring on recruitment stages

>  Automated to email to reject, invite for interview, employment acceptance

04 - Onboarding

>  Assign and track tasks that HR, IT, Account, Admin has to complete

>  Deadlines for required document reading confirmation

>  Dashboards to track the onboarding progress

>  Automated notifications for new staff, new and overdue tasks (eg. training)

>  Certificate and professional recognitions, reminders for renewals if necessary

05 - Training

>  Approved training courses on scheduled date

>  Schedule training displayed on calendar

>  Request for training using company template

>  Track staffs sign up per training event

>  Post training evaluation

>  Training outcome monitoring

>  Digital training content storage

06 - Appraisal

>  Review on staff or team member performance

>  Set task-related goals for the staff or department/division

>  Self-evaluations and submission

>  Repository of past employee reviews

>  Appropriate access level by personnel with dashboard on review status

07 - Requests

>  Travel and hotel reservation arrangement

>  Vehicle booking

>  Recognitions and Benefits (dental, medical)

>  Computer (or other misc) requests

>  Internal audit schedule

08 - Incident

>  Registration of incident (categorise, prioritise)

>  Incident analysis and evaluation

>  Corrective action request, assignment and task tracking

>  Investigation outcome and case management

>  Change improvement tracking

>  Inquiry template and guideline