ADeX Engineering Document Management System (EDMS) helps engineering companies manage and share technical engineering documents in secured manner.

It is browser-based and allows uploading, searching and retrieving of documents, without the need to install client application. he built-in workflow automates engineering business processes (creation, review, approval and distribution).

Editing, reviewing and approval of documents are done in a transparent manner, with full functionality for audit trail.

Access rights to documents is controlled based on user authorisation and this reduces errors in distribution of outdated and uncontrolled documents


Versioning & Control

Document Retention

Automated workflow on Review, Approval & Distribution

Transmittal management

Document change notification

Metadata information for easy retrieval

Activities log & Compliance

Tracking & audit trails

User restricted access & document sharing

Support many types of file formats


Easy retrieval of latest design documents

Shorter response to documents change request

Streamline transmittal processes

Quick reference across multiple teams & locations

Secured storage & accessibility

Reduce risk of document corruption & accidental delete

Improved collaboration between project team

Controlled distribution on all project documents

Efficient project handover with accurate information

How It Works

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