LUBEKEEP maximises lubricant management practices, thereby lowering unnecessary lubricant wastage, assets breakdown and maintenance costs. This web-based system can automatically schedule, track and plan complex lubricant operations across multiple sites. Work Order is automatically issued and monitored through dashboards. Assets & inventories are stored centrally and customised reports are generated for better planning. All activities are logged and useful for any regulatory compliance.

Centralised Asset Library

All assets details (instruments, machines, equipment, facilities) are stored centrally with vital information (location, warranty, suppliers, operation and safety manual, lubricant recommendation)

Inventory List

Lubricants details are stored digitally with chemical properties, storage and handling information            



Planned lubricant operations are created in a central database and the system will track and alert upcoming tasks

Work Order (WO)

Tasks are issued automatically via Work Order to alert internal maintenance crew or servicing vendor. WO status is tracked and any delay will trigger notification

Report & Listin

Activities and records can be filtered and sorted as reports for planning use


Support all types of assets

>Assets & Inventory Library

Planned & Unplanned

Notification & Alert

Automatic Work Orders Issuance

Service & Safety Instructions

Service Histories & Records

Calendar & Dashboard

How It Works

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