Cloud based food safety management system for GMP and HACCP compliance


Facilities and Operation Control

A central repository to store latest information on infrastructures and control measures

Equipment readiness and Cleaning

Automatically schedule calibration, preventive maintenance and sanitation program

Pest Control

Mobile application to detect any pest existence and initiate preventive action before pest can take hold

Recall and Traceability

Facilitates tracking of product in the event of a recall; between raw materials to final delivery phase

Human Resource and Training

Updated version on HR guidelines and all training records are stored centrally for audit and inspection purpose

Internal Audit and Management Review

Centralised audit to cover governance, control, risk ad hazard so ensure auditee practice set standards

Complaints Handling and Continuous Improvement

Complaints are shared and addressed enterprise wide. Root cause analysis is carried out followed by corrective actions by process owners to ensure its effectiveness during subsequent review

HACCP and PPE Management

Streamlined and structured approach to hazard and personal protective management

Data monitoring and recording (requires IoT)

Using IoT technology to monitor and capture equipment data remotely, allowing real time information on operation status and any corrective actions required


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